Big Sunflower

Incredibly Excited Cows

Craig and Collards

Hens In Nest Boxes

Market Portrait

Stunning Cosmo

Talking Pig

A Pullet & Some Pigs

Calves In Snowy Lane

Craig with Snowy Greenhouse

Craig Spreading Mulch

Cute Little Piggies

Craig & Darrell Brown

Feed, Water, Nest Boxes

Junior Crowing

Katie & Craig

Lining Up At The Trough

Snowy Farmstead

Born Model

Delicious Salad Mix!

Girls On Pasture

Hello, I'm Henny Penny

Junior Being Smug

Katie & Craig at the Indiana State Fair 2004

Lamb X-treme Close-up

Lettuce Washing

Olaf's Hive with Flames

Olaf with Smoke

Thank You Bees!